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Axell Claims created the ultimate connection between human and system by using interactive communication platforms that facilitate personal contact between customer and organization. We make digital personal.
We offer: Bodily injury claim mediation, personal injury expertise, smart IT solutions for front-end customer relations, process optimization advice, training and education.

“Our goal is to bend negative situations to positive experiences by using extreme customer service”


Based on collaborative development we translate, together with our customers, a process to an intuitive and interactive platform where all involved parties are connected to each other. That is our specialty. We have access to professionals who are specialized in developing software whatever the program language.

Settlement of damages

Our personal injury experts are professionals who are trained inhouse and work focused on recovery and proactive. By combining human and system the needs of the client are matched with the needs of the victim, a win-win situation. Our professionals are very flexible and can start right away.

Training and education

Our training and education are focused on the new generation of customer contact, customer processes and mediators, who work  focused on recovery and proactive, based on best practices. We focus on communication and personal contact. Our trainings and education are provided by experienced professionals from the work field.


All information in one spot, in a clear overview.
Stimulates active involvement of the customer
Recovery focused and proactive approach of the customer.
Proactive, recovery focused bodily injury experts through all of the Netherlands.
Transparent and solution driven way of working.
Education program: Basics of Recovery focused Bodily Injury Claim Handling.
One safe online communication platform for all involved parties.
Translates every process to an intuitive and interactive platform.
Compliant to all privacy and information security requirements.
Enables predictive analytics in complex processes.
Strong IT partner specialized in front-end communication platforms.
Flexible and easily adjustable to own wishes.


“A huge advantage of the Axell Claims System is the mathcore. It makes the system very fair and that is a strong point. The idea behind it, looking at victims in a different way, also really appealed to me. The main savings are in the fair and consistent damage compensation. Besides that you will eventually pay less expertise costs and if you would like, you can also save on the claim handling costs. For management it is very nice that you are less dependent of human effort to stick to certain contact interfalls. With the Axell Claims System you are more compliant in that regard.”
Henk den Hollander

Manager claim handling, Reaal Insurances

“MijnAOV is about more than just entering an application or claim and MijnAOV is about more than just digital (application) forms. Advisor, customer and company work together on the dossier. MijnOAV supports the entire process for acceptance and claims. After submitting the application, all correspondence goes through MijnAOV. Think about tele-acceptance report, additional (medical) information, acceptance proposal and policy. All correspondence for claims also goes through MijnAOV until the claim is closed.“
Koos van der Togt

Project Manager, VIVAT


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